SRA is happy to recognize the security researchers that helped us make this website safer by finding and reporting security vulnerabilities. Each name listed represents an individual or company who has privately disclosed one or more security vulnerabilities in our online services and worked with us to resolve the issue. Thank you !

January 2014 Security Researchers

Anatoly Katyushin

December 2013 Security Researchers

Osanda Malith Jayathissa
Twitter: @OsandaMalith

Simone Memoli (Toxic Security Team)
Twitter: @Simon90_Italy

Sherin Panikar from Kerala Cyber Squad

Muhammad Shahmeer – Maads Security
Facebook: Shahmeer.1994

Gurjant Singh Sadhra

Carmine – Bhouse_Italy

November 2013 Security Researchers

Rakesh Singh & Harish Kumar & Raj Kumar

Narendra Bhati
Website: Bitlurks

Adam Ziaja
Website: adamziaja

Twitter: pbssubhash

Yasir Altaf Zargar
Website: Cybercoderss

July 2013 Security Researchers

Andrei Miu
Twitter: bibz0r

Tushar Kumbhare
Website: Team Defencely

Adam Frankline

Jay Turla
Website: Infosecinstitute

June 2013 Security Researchers

Waqeeh Ul Hasan
Website : Softproweb

May 2013 Security Researchers

Ali Hasan Ghauri
Website: AHPT

Aamir Khan
Website: Hacking Articles

Pankaj Singh – security analyst and  researcher in starlink