Download Towers N Trolls

From the creators of Toy Soldiers and Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance comes a new, fast-paced, fantasy tower defense game that is sure to keep you entertained, and that is the download Tower N Trolls.

Get ready to defend your kingdom from attacking hordes of trolls after you will download Towers N Trolls. The game features a unique gameplay that gives players the fast-paced adrenalin pumping action from arcade games while having them stretch their brain cells to quickly come up with strategies to beat the game. Immerse yourself in a tower defense game that is easy to learn but isn’t that easy to master.

Download Towers N Trolls

The tower defense genre has found it’s home in the mobile gaming world, as it brings mobile gamers the undying thrill of being moments away from being overrun by hordes of enemies.

Towers N Trolls brings you to a beautiful environment that gives off a hand-painted effect, with monsters from the Age of Fantasy. The game consists of 9 worlds with 45 unique maps, which include the Lonely Forest, Fertile Pastures, and so on.

Download Towers N Trolls

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