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Tablet Talk is the most complex SMS app for tablets. You can send and receive text messages on your tablet just using your mobile number as you normally do with your phone! Tablet Talk features almost every functions from your phone’s SMS app, and still provides other useful functions like Caller ID. This is a “must have” android app if you want a complete tablet experience.

Tablet Talk functions by connecting your tablet and phone via Bluetooth or WiFi, allowing you to text on your tablet anywhere and anytime. At home? Just connect your tablet and phone to your WiFi network. At work or on the road? Switch to Bluetooth mode and your tablet can SMS without an internet connection.

If you receive a text message, it instantly syncs to your tablet. When you send a text from your tablet, it instantly syncs to your phone, where it is sent using your mobile number. Even status updates for sent SMS sync instantly to your tablet.

But what about when you don’t have your tablet? Whenever you connect your devices, Tablet Talk will automatically sync any newly sent and received texts to your tablet, ensuring your tablet’s inbox is always up to date!


INSTRUCTIONS: To use Tablet Talk, install it on both your tablet and phone (you only need to purchase the app ONCE). Setup is very simple, with detailed instructions, troubleshooting, and email support all available from within the app. After the initial setup, connecting is as easy as pressing a button. Unless your phone’s IP address (WiFi) changes or you change phones (Bluetooth), there is no need to run setup again. WiFi and Bluetooth settings are saved separately so switching between them is seamless. And options like auto-reconnect reduce the need to interact with your phone while using the tablet.


SUPPORT: Having trouble using Tablet Talk? Please read through the Help section within the app. For additional assistance, feel free to email TabletTalkAndroid@gmail.com. There is also an active forum thread which you can use to provide feedback and seek assistance from the developer and other users (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1206798).

Download Tablet Talk for tablet ($2.99)

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