Download Monopoly android game

Download Monopoly android game, an app that requiers no additional introduction, is finally available in the Android Market. At the beginning, it was only downloadable from the EA store, and, lately from the Amazon Appstore.

This game will have the same classic board-style feeling that we all love at the touch of our smart devices. It brings a beautiful 3D environment, and also an enhanced gameplay over the classic board game, with the possibility to play against the CPU or your friends.

download monopoly android game

A minus of this game, unfortunately, is the tablet support lack – and this might be almost a must for a game like this. It is possible though that EA will revise that, but until then, just visit the Android Market, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, pay $5 to download the android app below.

Download Monopoly android game (for US residents)

Download Monopoly android game (for non-US residents)

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