Download Minecraft for Android – Pocket Edition

If you have not heard of the download Minecraft for android, you must have been living under a rock (and certainly not in a giant castle that has just made a giant red and blue blocks). Unfortunately, Android Minecraft is locked to Play Xperia, but the public launch should come in a few months. Bummer for all fans of Minecraft.

Imagine that building it. Creating worlds on the fly with Minecraft – paperback.

The new Minecraft – Pocket Edition enables you to build on the fly. Use blocks to create masterpieces as you travel, instead of meeting with friends, sit in the park, the possibilities are endless. Go beyond the limits of their team and the game Minecraft wherever you go.

* Random worlds
* Create anything you can imagine
* Building with 36 different types of blocks
* Invite your friends and play with their world (wireless local area network)
* Save multiplayer worlds in his own phone

Download Minecraft for Android

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