Download Font for Galaxy SP

You have to check “unknown sources” option.

* Go to the Home screen> Settings> Applications, and check from unknown sources.

* If the device contains the source library Flip, you do not have the root of the device.

* Some carriers do not allow the discharge side application (no market for applications). In this case, you root of your device to use this utility.

– Power Galaxy is a source package for SAMSUNG Galaxy devices.
– You can download apk source of this application.
– Applications installation source not in the Android Market (side discharge).Therefore, you have to check “unknow sources” in the “Application Settings” (see first)

How to use?
– Check if the device is SAMSUNG Galaxy series.
– Although the device is Samsung, a network provider (transport) does not allow side-downloaded application (no market applications), in this case, should result in the galaxy to use “Fontomizer SP”
– Run this application, and click a font to use.
– Download procedure appeared.
– After download, install apk downloaded.
– After installing apk downloaded, go to the setup menu of the source.
* Start> Settings> Display> Font
– If all good, you can see the new font name in the list of sources.
– Select a font to use.
– Enjoy it.

How to uninstall fonts?
– Go to “Start> Application Settings>> Manage Applications”
– Select the font you want to uninstall
– Follow the instructions

I made this application for Samsung Galaxy series. It works on the S Galaxy, Galaxy Glaxy also Tab.
* Some sources show strange that given the size of the source.
* Also, some sources do not work on your device. due to “fragmentation of Android ‘.

These sources are based on FlipFont library. So if the device has FlipFont function, then you can use these sources, although the device is not a series Galaxy.

These sources are all free TTF fonts.
I collect lots of thematic trust funds and I find that these sources are from the free version.
If you find any commercial source for this application, please inform me. Then I will come down immediately.

See note patch in the main menu.

I can handle English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. If you want to run some Galaxy fonts on your device, please send me your source for e-mail.
I’ll update the source of this app.But not forget that the source must be the free version.
When you send me a source, you must send the license information as well if possible.

Thank you and enjoy it.

Download Font for Galaxy SP

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