Download aVia Media Player

aVia provides simple accessing personal media with one, easy to use, media player.

With aVia you can play, manage, and share your audio, video, and images from all of your Android-connected devices so that your favorite media is available anytime, anywhere.

Primary features of aVia:

– Optimized for Honeycomb tablets and Google TV v2.
– Ability to play music and videos, and view photos from a variety of personal media sources
– Access personal media devices through streaming media capabilities
– Create playlists with customizable titles while browsing your libraries

Detailed features of aVia:

Home Screen

– Engaging home screen design.
– Option for all screen orientations viewed in either landscape or portrait mode.
– Selecting the aVia logo in the top left corner returns users to the home screen from any screen within the media player.
– Option to select the media type (Music, Videos, Photos).
– Option to select which media sources to browse (Local, USB, or DLNA) using the ‘Sources’ menu.
– Media Organization:
— Browse music by album, artist, playlists, or all songs.
— Browse videos by album, date, or all videos.
— Browse photos by album, date, or all photos.

My Sources Screen

– Select which sources aVia scans for media (including local, USB and DLNA).
– Specific types of media can be selected from each source to broaden or narrow your search accordingly.
– Real-time source updates.
– Browse individual sources to view media from that source.

Now Playing Screen – Music

– View album artwork.
– Provides information about the current track (title, artist, album).
– Control playback of the current track (play, pause, duration, repeat)
– Control playback of the music queue (skip forward, skip back, shuffle tracks)
– Track continues playing in the background once selected.
— Tracks repeat if the repeat option is selected.
— Tracks are shuffled if the shuffle option is selected.
– While the track is playing, it is possible to browse other tracks or even pictures from other sources.

Now Playing Screen – Videos

– When opened, the video is displayed in its full quality.
– Control playback of the current video (play, pause, duration, repeat)
– Ability to browse through movies within the folder (skip forward, skip back, shuffle tracks).

Now Showing Screen – Photos

– When opened, the picture is displayed in its full quality.
– Control what pictures are being displayed (last, next, slideshow).
– Control the orientation of the picture (rotate left, rotate right).

Playlist Creation/Modify Screens

– Create new playlists with customizable titles
– Add and remove songs on a playlist
– Rearrange the order of songs on a playlist
– Delete playlists

Download aVia Media Player

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