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Without any question CoPilot for Android is one of the best GPS Navigation Apps which now you can obtain for free. Check out the evaluation below and give it a try!
Offline GPS navigation applications for Android to navigate without internet access are pretty expensive. Google Maps is doing it very good, but nothing can becompared to a dedicated GPS software like Sygic, Garmin, TomTom or … CoPilot. And the last one you can use totally free.

CoPilot is not only a well-known GPS solution, it is also most certainly among the best ones available. ALK Technology – who designed this package for navigating have long time ago promised to release a free edition of their app for Android  and iOS. That time has come and mobile platform customers can appreciate it these days without having to pay in order to download the app. Being a free edition app comes with some restrictions. To use CoPilot you will need to make an account. Then you choose the language and speech assistance and last but not least you will download the map you want to use. We suggest a wi-fi connection for map installing as they can be almost hundreds of MB of information. Now experience the first restriction. Once you have chosen a map, the rest of the maps for other areas must be paid. The cost is appropriate, I think, given that it is a top software. For the Central and Eastern European countries the cost comes around 30 Euros.

As soon as you start the app and see the map, you will see the next restriction. You will not benefit from 3D rendering and turn-by-turn support with speech support. The great thing is that you can get this function working for a very excellent price – 19 Euros where you will find everything you could want from a GPS program including some innovative functions like these.  Weather details, vehicle parking, nice places to see with Wikipedia details, coordinates and satellite images are all there. The app also contains Facebook and Tweets incorporation.

CoPilot for Android, free navigation app was launched especially for mapping and planning but I think you can use it as a very simple solution for navigating. It is a respectable effort from ALK Technology and we would like to benefit from more such alternatives from other GPS application creators.

CoPilot for Android, free navigation app download here.

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