10 Best Free Chat Room apps to Chat Anonymously

In today’s world when everyone is busy in their work and mostly the real friends busy with their life and online media showing off, everyone need someone with whom they can talk and share their grief. Not only to share their good and the bad, but people sometime need a stranger to relax and share some moments which he/she cannot with their real friends.

Earlier people use to go to parks to have a good talk with people who are completely strangers and earlier this was common. But with growing crime rates and other dangers it is not advisable to talk to some stranger now. This brings the concept of Chat Rooms which was quite popular some 5 – 8 years back when Mails was only the way to converse on the internet, now with Mobile Phones becoming famous these Chat Rooms are now converted into Chat Apps where you can chat anonymously with Strangers.

Chatting Anonymously does have its advantages and disadvantages but today we are going to talk about the Chatting applications and the pros and cons are left out for another article. Let us start with the top 10 Anonymous Chat Apps, mostly these apps are available on Android, while you can also find some for iPhones.

1. Anonymous Chat App

The application focuses on providing the user with a secure ground where one can easily chat without any issue. The Application supports sharing of images, videos, and even audio files with the stranger but the app do keep the security in mind and blocks the user to save the media or take screenshots of the same.  The app is available for free on the App store.


2. MocoSpace

With this application you can become friends with the strangers, although it will be your decision and till then you will be completely strangers. There are handful of chatroom which you can join without any issue. You can create account on the application with one click via Facebook or Google+. Alternatively you can also login via the full sign up process too.


3. Dark Chat

The application is just like a dark room where some people are there and chatting with each other without any issue. The Dark Chat app have a light a candle feature which is just similar to lighting a candle in the dark room which will reveal everyone’s identity. Although you must note that this feature only works if everyone agrees to do so. This is called as controlled anonymity by the developer. The application also allows you to create your own meme and share while chatting in the dark room.


4. Psst! Anonymous

When you use any device there are temporary files which are build and even there are logs which are stored to keep things going well, and report in case of a mishap. With this application you have to be in a peace of mind as the app will delete all the logs and temp files as soon as you close the app.With this application you will be able to chat with the people who share the same interest as you. This application is just like a Social Media for strangers where you can literally follow people just like Twitter without knowing their details, it means you follow like-minded people irrespective of their religion, cast, nationality and other like factors.


5. Whisper

This is one of the best anonymous chatting application for Android platform in the market. The application is a great place if you are looking for a healthy database of people who are quite interested in talking over with the strangers other than the topic of sex. The reviews of this application are the best where people claims that they have got strangers with whom they got into some real meaningful conversations. This application also lets you search the strangers with your interest and location which means if you both agree at a later stage you can end up meeting also.


6. Meet Me

As the name suggest it is a dating application, but it is a anonymous chat application. The application was launched to be a dating application but it turned into a anonymous chat application when people started to use it the either way. Here in the app profile you can see which is the country where you are the most famous. You can receive gift from strangers and you can even count the number of admirers you have. As the application have its origin from a dating application it does have many touches from the domain but it does perform really well in the anonymous chat domain too.


7. RandoChat

The application is quite straightforward which lets you chat with random people as soon as you login. This application do not support one touch login via Facebook and Google and you have to login the old traditional way only. The app comes with a security feature which deletes the message as you send and will also not record your IP address and location as you chat with different random people. The application does have a strict policy for nudity and sexual content means this is not the right place if you are looking to have chat regarding any adult topic.


8. Chatous

This application is best if you want to find like minded people. The application is quite straightforward which will engage you in a chat with the people of same interest with the help of hashtags. This is another application where you will be able to share audio, video, images and even YouTube Video to the users without any issue. The application is the best Anonymous chat application available for Android out in the market in terms of User Interface and Responsiveness.


9. Holla

This application is the only application in the list which supports anonymous Video Calling. Unlike other applications where you have to text and share media files with the strangers here you will be able to have a nice video chat with the other person. Holla is intolerant to Adult and offensive content hence you will not be able to make any adult friends on this video calling application.


10. Tagged

This app is like a social media website for the people whole love talking to anonymous people. It turns out to be a like Facebook in many different manner. Here you can create your profile which will include likes, dislikes, age, location and even more of which you can select how much you want to share with the anonymous people. The app also have a couple of games for single’s who are ready to step in to a relationship.The application is free for most of the part but there is a VIP feature which comes with added functionality.


These are few applications where you can chat and video call. With these applications you can even end up meeting the strangers in real life. All the above applications houses unique features with respect to each other and all are worth trying. Do let us know your experience using these applications and also if you find any stranger with your interest and ended up meeting them, let us know in the comment section below.

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