Best FastPokeMap Alternatives for Pokemon Go Scanners and Trackers

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Pokemon Go is one of the trendiest and most successful games for Android and iOS alike. The real-world elements of the game made it really interesting to play. However, one major disadvantage or say annoyance with the Pokemon Go game is that after a particular level, it is hard to find Pokemon characters in your area, especially the higher level Pokemon characters. Some Pokemon characters may not even be available in your country, therefore making it next to impossible to level up in the Pokemon Go game.


This is where the FastPokeMap application kicks in. FastPokeMap is an application designed specifically to support the Pokemon Go game. This application enables you to stay alerted on when a new Pokemon characters that belong to either the Generation 1 or Generation 2 appears in and nearby your current location.

The FastPokeMap application can be used by Pokemon Go players anywhere around the world in order to find rare and high level Pokemon characters without having to go search for them all day.

However, since February of 2017, the developers of the Pokemon Go game have released new updates for the Pokemon Go game which restricted the game servers from being accessed by any such Android applications that helped in winning the game. Moreover, all the third-party applications built for the Pokemon Go game received a cease and desist letter order from the developers, thus ending the run of all the third-party Pokemon Go related apps like FastPokeMap.

FastPokeMap was one of the most popular Pokemon Go scanner and tracker applications out there. Even though almost all the popular scanner and tracker apps for the Pokemon Go game do not exist anymore, there are still some really efficient third-party Pokemon Go trackers and scanners available.

If you are a Pokemon Go game in search for the best FastPokeMap Alternatives out there, then today we bring a list of the best FastPokeMap alternatives out there including some of the best trackers and scanners for Pokemon Go game.

Best FastPokeMap Alternatives for Pokemon Go:

Below is the list of the best FastPokeMap alternatives for Pokemon Go that you can currently use.


PokeFetch is one of the most popular third-party tracker applications for Pokemon Go. This application lets you to track the location of any new Pokemon character that is spawned in or near your location with the help of a real-time map of Pokemon Go.

All the data of Pokemon characters in the real-time map shown in this app are sourced from some of the very popular tracker and scanner apps for Pokemon Go. You can use this application in order to do free scans of popular areas where Pokemon characters are usually found. Or else, you can also use this application in order to do a paid on-demand search for Pokemon characters in any part of the world.

You can download PokeFetch from


As the name of the application indicates, PokeAlert is an application that gives you alerts or notifications whenever the application tracks a new Pokemon in and around your area. This application always runs in the background of your device to give you updated and automated notifications whenever the application finds a new Pokemon in your area.

This is indeed one of the best applications when it comes to tracking and knowing the locations of new Pokemon characters in your area. Most of the alternative applications to PokeAlert will require you to constantly manually refresh the application in order to get updated results of Pokemon in your area, but as this application runs in the background, it keeps scanning for new Pokemon characters and updates you whenever it finds one, thus making it quite easier to catch new Pokemon.

If you reach any new location, you can even perform a manually search for Pokemon in that area as well.

PokeAlert is an Android application and you can download the PokeAlert APK for Android from here.


PokeWhere is an application that features a radar showing the real-time locations of all the Pokemon characters around your current location. The PokeWhere application is currently available for the iOS platform and will soon arrive for Android powered devices as well. If you have an iOS powered device, then you can directly download the PokeWhere application for iOS from the iTunes App Store or by clicking here.

The map featured in the PokeWhere application shows you rare Pokemon characters that are available in an around your current location. Whenever you shift to  a new location, you can also perform a manual search in order to find Pokemon characters available in your new location.


PokeHuntr is not an application but instead is an online service that provides you with features similar to that of the FastPokeMap application listed above. PokeHuntr basically allows you to find, track and navigate to Pokemon characters that are available near your current location.

You can access the PokeHuntr online service by logging on to the website and as it is an online service and not an application, you can use it in any part of the world without any restrictions.

One of the best features of PokeHuntr is that apart from letting you scan your current location to find Pokemon characters, you can also enter a specific address or location into the PokeHuntr map so as to find whether there is any new Pokemon characters in the new area. This can be helpful to know beforehand whether the location you are about to visit features a new Pokemon character that can be captured or not.


PokeFind is also a website based solution to find Pokemon characters in any given area. However, instead of having a map featuring Pokemon in your current area, the Pokemon findings in this website are rather done by the users of the website itself.

Meaning, if you have found a Pokemon sighting in your location, you can list the information of the sighting in this website so as to help anyone else who may be in or around that particular area to capture those Pokemon characters.

You can access the PokeFind online tool by logging on to and you can particularly search for listings of Pokemon characters that you want. Apart from searching based on character, you can also filter the search based on at what time the Pokemon sighting was listed on the website and during what time of the day.

Both using the PokeFind tool to find Pokemon characters in your area and also submitting sighting of a Pokemon character is free of cost.

Poke Radar

Poke Radar is another online community driven Pokemon tracker tool available. The Poke Radar features a map wherein you can pinpoint the exact location from where you found a Pokemon character. This will help other Pokemon Go players to find the exact location where they can find the Pokemon character.

As this is a community driven application, the number of Pokemon characters that you can find in and around your area using this tool completely depends on the number of Pokemon Go players there are in your current location.

Another feature of this tool is that whenever you find a Pokemon character that is pinpointed in the map, you can click on the Pokemon character will reveal the name of the Pokemon Go coach who captured the Pokemon from that particular location. You can also use this tool in order to search for a particular Pokemon character that you have been searching for, and you can find the exact location of the Pokemon, in case it is available to capture around your location.

You can access Poke Radar and all of its cool features by visiting the website

Pokemon On Map

Pokemon On Map is also another really effective best FastPokeMap alternatives for Pokemon Go. This online service lets you to enter your location details and get a list of Pokemon characters that are available around your present location.

As this online tool collects and displays data directly from the Pokemon Go servers, all the data related to the Pokemon character spotting in your area will be accurate and the data is shown really quickly with no delay.

This tool also features a really big map of your current location so as to show maximum number of Pokemon character listings in your area than any other Pokemon Go scanners and trackers that are currently available.

This tool also has direct integration with Google Maps so as to provide you with the shortest route via driving, public transport or walking to the location where the Pokemon is spotted.

Final Words

The above article features some of the best FastPokeMap alternatives for Pokemon Go [Scanners and Trackers] that you can currently find out there. Hope you found this list helpful and in case you did, please do not hesitate to share this list with your other friends who also play Pokemon Go and those who are in search for the best FastPokeMap alternatives available currently.

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