5 android ad blocker apps

5 android ad blocker apps

Are you sick and tired of all those pesky adverts showing up on your android gadget’s screen ? No matter if you are using a smartphone or a tablet, you will still encounter the ads I am talking about. Unless you pay for the entire android app or game and support the developer’s work you will have to deal with the ads. I encourage you to support the developers of the apps and games you love and use a lot, but if you are installing some android free apps and games that you rarely use you can try one of the 5 android ad blocking apps presented below and keep your screen ads free.

#1 NoRoot Ad-remover lite

If you want to install an app that will block your ads from Google Play then you should go for NoRoot Ad-remover. You might guess from the title of the app that you don’t need to root your device in order to use the app. After you install the NoRoot Ad-Remover, you’ll be happy to see that there will be no more in app advertising on your Android tablet or smartphone. There are two versions of this android ad remover app, a Lite version that will only block ads from two apps for free and a paid version that will remove ads from all apps and games that you have installed.

Download NoRoot Ad-remover lite version here.
Download NoRoot Ad-remover full version here. ($3.99)

#2 TrustGo Ad Detector

If you are concerned about the privacy of your personal data that might be collected on various mobile ad networks via the apps that you have installed and serve you the ads go for TrustGo Ad Detector. This android scanner app will protect your android smartphone or tablet from potential privacy pesky sniffers or accidental identity theft that might happen while ads are shown on your Android gadget. I guess you can say that TrustGo Ad Detector for android is not your regular ad blocker but it will certainly offer you peace of mind regarding your personal informations.

Download TrustGo Ad Detector free here.

#3 Adblock Plus

Apparently , this android ad blocker cannot be found anymore on Google Play as it was removed (don’t know exactly why, maybe Google is not happy to have their ads removed from apps) but you can still grab it from the android developers of Adblock Plus. You can download the Android version from their website. After following the link below you will also find the neccessary help needed in order to install it on your device. You will see that is rather easy to install this android free app that will help you keep unwanted ads at bay. Adblock Plus is a trusted app is not only available on Android but also as an extension for Firefox, Chrome and others. Just give it a try if you don’t trust me.

Download Adblock Plus for android here.

#4 Ad-vanish Pro

This ad remover Android app can get rid of ads from offline apps even of you don’t have root access to your Android device. It will help you keep your Android tablet or smartphone from all those pesky ads that pop up in the middle of your work. Ad-vanish Pro works very much like NoRoot Ad-Remover and comes in 2 versions, a lite one that will only block ads on a limited number of ads and the full version.

Download Ad-vanish Pro lite here.
Download Ad-vanish Pro here. ($3.99)

#5 AppBrain Ad Detector

This last app from my list is somehow similar to TrustGo Ad Detector as it detects the apps or games that are responsible of offering unwanted Push Notifications or leaking personal information to others. AppBrain Ad Detector will also notify you of the apps that have access to your address book or accounts and messages that could alter your privacy and help you remove them. This ad detector will use 70 different activities in order to keep your android device safe and your personal data protected.

Download AppBrain Ad Detector here.

I hope that this 5 android ad blocker apps will help you in your everyday use of the devices you own.

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